Do you remember when you were at school and your teacher asked you to keep a journal and write everything (and anything) under the sun? Did you enjoy that part of your life? I DIDN’T… and ironically, I was part of the journalism class back then (plus points for curricular activity and it’s an actual subject in our curriculum).

I felt intimidated by people who love and write good articles. My best friend is a very good feature writer. She has an innate gift of conveying concisely her point at any topic that were given to her. My English Teachers at High School who, I had very high regard have very strong skills at writing. I have couple of friends, who wrote beautifully written love letters.

At this point, writing became one of my insecurities. Why? Because I’M NOT GOOD at it. When faced with a blank paper, I have nothing to write about. My mind is entering a black hole or suspended in nowhere. I always think “I have nothing to say”. I remember I was once a delegate to a district school writing contest, housed with several teenagers, we we’re given more than an hour to compose a compelling news article. My fear got me up to my neck, so much so that I didn’t bag any award for that. Worst part is, it only added to my self-doubt in writing.

I have to thank Internet for helping me regain my confidence in writing. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I’m creating contents that I like and be able to share it to others. Couple of years forward, I’ve decided to take it a step further. And this is when this blog is born.

Creating this blog will give me a bigger platform to express my self well, share a bit of my personal adventures as an expat here in Dubai. I want to share my thoughts and experiences with you, give you a glimpse of how most of the Filipinos deal with their lives here, and ultimately achieve self-growth along the way.

It’s still a long stretch for me to be a better writer and deliver compelling stories which will be relevant to you. But I’m glad that I’m taking the first step and moving towards my goal.


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