Couple of hours left before we bid good bye to 2017. How was your year so far? Has it been promising showered with abundance and blessing? Maybe a lot of you had started, if not completed the list of their New Year’s Resolution. I have to admit that I had never done one in my life’s existence probably because I know that making a list and failing most of them would beat the purpose of NY resolution. However, I do a lot of self-reflection and list the things that I am thankful for this year and in general. This is the first time I will be doing a list online and I am sharing this with you.

Thank you 2017 (and the past years) for:

  • Strong support system – I have an army of family, friends, and work colleagues that I can rely on. I can always speak to them freely whenever I need advice and support during adversities and celebrate with during triumphant times.
  • Supportive and understanding partner – He has always words of encouragement despite of my quirkiness, occasional self-obsession and hot-tempered characteristic. Whenever I have an idea that I want to happen, he never fails to give his suggestions and help me to materialize it. This blog sprung out of a late-night chat with him, and after several conversations I decided to pursue writing. Worth noting that he took most of the photos I publish on this blog, he’s slowly becoming a blogger jowa. Haha!
  • Opportunities to grow – Life is really interesting as sometimes it throws challenges along the way. These molded me to be tough and have a wider perspective about life. I had committed a lot of mistakes and it taught me to be cautious and be wiser in making decisions. I think it’s also worth mentioning that, whenever I encounter problem I take it as a challenge or a puzzle to solve rather than a burden to carry. It helped me to take things lighter, being less dramatic than I used to be and look for ways to solve it.
  • Resilience – Disappointments are part of our existence and this I learned at an early stage. I had experienced numerous heartaches from past relationships, the people whom I trust failed me, life threw a fit, and problems occur one after another. But this does not stop me from being hopeful and continue living. After the whining and dramatic monologue, I bounced back. I do not dwell on it and let it sink to me deeply. I cry for a moment and keep moving forward.
  • Chance to be out of my comfort zone – I think, since I left Philippines to be an OFW is a perfect example of me being out of my comfort zone. And particularly this year, I had the chance to push myself a bit far. I had ventured on a solo trip to couple of provinces in the Philippines. This trip has taught me a lot and gave me a different kind of self-fulfillment which will I will always cherish and be proud of.
  • Dubai  – I am living in Dubai for more than 6 years already and I am happy to call this my home away from home. This emirate had provided me with so much from small to great things – tangible and not. It is a progressive country and treat its people well.

I will end 2017 with a grateful heart knowing that it had added so much learnings and value to my life. I would always be thankful to everyone who never get tired walking with me every step of the way. And as I welcome another year to conquer, I hope that I will have the courage to handle challenges with grace and maturity. That I would be a lot better, kinder and more wiser than in my previous years. I will claim 2018 to be more fruitful and prosperous as it can be.

How about you, what are things you are grateful for?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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