Humans have the tendency to make their life complicated. Case on point: this first part of my solo travel could have been a lot easier if I booked a flight to Dumaguete simply because my itinerary includes whale shark watching. According to the blogs I’ve read, the efficient way of doing so is via ferry boat from Dumaguete to Cebu. The trip would only last 30 mins and voila, you can swim with the whale sharks. Being this is my first solo trip, I decided to take the complicated and brutal way. I booked a flight landed on Mactan and took a bus to South Cebu.

By the way, this is not a detailed travel blog which will give you prices on each stuff and a step-by-step guide in case you are planning to head there. The following narratives are my experiences on this famous and thrilling part of Cebu.


Whale Shark watching at Oslob

I stayed in a hostel just opposite the briefing center and walked ahead first thing in the morning. After paying the fee, and listening to the introduction, and the do’s and don’ts during the briefing; I, together with about other three other people road a small boat. The feeding area is quite close to the shore and not long enough we reached our destination.

Selfie fail – I’ll do better next time
Small Boats accommodating tourist
Yes Ate Gurl?

This ginormous creature looks like it can swallow you and about hundreds of you in one scoop, but don’t be deceived by its size because they are gentle, silent, and probably do not care that you are around. What they care about is gulping kilos or krill.

Artsy, isn’t it?
BFFs forever
Whaleshark in Oslob, Cebu
Kapit lang bes volume 1
Kapit lang bes volume 2
Japan japan with whaleshark

I was quite scared at first because they are really enormous and would swim close to you. I never had this close encounter with any sea creature with this size so I was nervous and astonished at the same time. Although it was a short encounter, it was still an exhilarating experience for me. The marvel of this creature had a subtle effect on me and I was humbled by the encounter.


Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls

When I was searching on what to do in South Cebu, this tops the list. I especially look forward in doing this because the turquoise water I had seen on videos is so inviting and the boulders added to the allure of an action-packed activity.

I booked the tour at Kawasan Canyoneering which cost P1500, and started a little half past 12. Most of the groups had been scheduled in the morning so I was left alone with a lady tour guide. She’s very kind and accommodating – making sure that I have a vest, hat, safety shoes, and was with me all through out. She also took almost all of the photos and videos during the trip, quite good to be honest for a beginner.

We rode habal-habal (motorcycle) from Matutinao to the starting point in Alegria and passed the scenic mountains then hiked on rough roads. From there, we traversed downstream Kanlaob river and ended the tour at the beautiful Kawasan falls. The tour will make you jump from low point to high point, scrambling, crossing boulders, swimming through caves and the list can go on. It was a half-day work out for me, I think I produced more sweat than my usual work out days, but I don’t mind because of the cool water and the amazing views.

I highly recommend this tour for adrenaline seekers, this tour will not disappoint. It is definitely tiring but worth your energy.  Most likely, I’ll do it again. I did the Canyoneering the same day I watched the whale sharks so I was already half my energy during the tour. But nevertheless, it was still an amazing and fun experience for me.

Have you done anything extreme activity lately?

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