Is the title too narcissistic? Nah… I hope it doesn’t resonate in a negative way. I think part of being a human is to center our thoughts to our selves so we can function as a better person.  Agree? You need to have something you have thoroughly thought of, for your self, which will be lived by you. 

So… for this birthday post, I’m sharing 10 thoughts I’ve written for myself. Given the age and experience I had for x number of years, I hope you can learn or relate a thing or two from these.

  1. Always be grateful for everything that life throws at you… including the bad experiences.
  2. Resilience is the key to everyday living.
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak what you mean.
  4. Asses a situation hundred times before making a big leap, but definitely do it.
  5. Thrive outside your comfort zone.
  6. Respect yourself more.
  7. When everything seems so plain, paint the town red.
  8. Be ambitious.
  9. Composure over pressure.
  10. Happiest are the days when you are true to yourself.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has remembered and celebrated with me on this special day. You guys rock! Until the next post!.

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