Probably everyone has heard a thing or two about Siquijor – especially relating to witchcraft, spells, sorcery, love potions and other things mystical. Even your Lola has warned you about visiting the area or your Uber driver might have a story to tell about this spellbinding island. But, apart from from the supernatural stories passed on from one generation to another, this island has definitely a lot to offer. I was able to brew my own concoction of tales which I will narrate to you.

If you are going to ask me if I have hesitation of going to the island when I planned my solo trip, I would be lying if I say no. Of course I do… initially. However, this was erased in an instant when I’ve seen how mesmerizing this island is. Just google Siquijor beaches and you will be fascinated; prompting you to book a flight to Dumaguete, and board a ferry to this destination.

The following passages are my first-hand experience and I hope to unravel the true beauty of this underrated province.

Old Enchanted Balete Tree

It was early morning trip to this ginormous century old tree so I didn’t see any Tikbalang (Werehorse) or Diwata (Fairy) here. I know you can relate to this because a lot of TV shows associate this tree to super natural phenomenon and superstitions popular in the Philippines.

What you can do: Fish spa and shop for love potions.

Witch for a Day

There is an interesting spot where you can ride a broomstick and wear a witch hat and fly. No entrance fee is required but the owners will happily accept donations.

What you can do: Try jumping on a broom stick while wearing keeping the witch hat on your head. Visit their beautiful garden while enjoying a halo-halo.

Up up and away!

Lazi Church and Convent

I was quite amazed how the church has been preserved despite of the different calamities that struck the island. On the opposite side of the church is a huge convent which was built from stonewalls.

What you can do: Light a candle and say a prayer. You can also visit the convent that houses the church’s important artifacts.

Lazi Convent

San Isidro Labrador Parish Church

Dagsa Restaurant

Perfect for chill out place because of the interiors and live music band.

Try ordering: Seafood platter, and they will serve it on stone plate.

Lilibeth’s Pan Bisaya

Quaint little store along the highway which uses coconut husk to bake the famous pan bisaya.

Try ordering: Pan Bisaya, Salbaro

Guiwanon Spring Park

This lush mangrove forests also offers small cottages on stilts available for rent if you’re planning to rest at night. At the far end is a bigger one which can accommodate conferences, lectures, seminars for big groups.

What you can do: For Php 250 a night, you will have a place to stay.

Cambugahay Falls

This is where the fun starts. If you are a fan of swinging and jumping on a cool and pristine water, then this is the right place for you. For a minimal fee you can “unli swing” till your armpit hurts. 😀

What you can do: Tarzan jump until no more

Salogdoong Beach

Known to many (or not), I have a fear of heights. But my addiction to adrenaline rush and wanting to conquer my fear are so strong that I specifically visited Siquijor because of this place. I’ve seen videos and pictures of people diving or jumping from a 20 feet platform. I was sold immediately, and definitely NO REGRETS.

What you can do: Jump from a 20 and 30 feet platform as many as you want, rent a kayak, spend a night here, and a lot more fun stuff

wide horizon

Paliton Beach

I have seen this place on one of my research but I never expected how glorious this secluded beach is. Soft white sand, sky-high coconut trees, untouched vicinity, and the golden sunset are what makes this beach a stand out.

What you can do: Sunset watching should not be missed (preferably with an ice cold beer), swim, shoot a pre-nup or flaunt your newly bought bikinis, sunbathing, or just simply enjoy the view and serenity of the place. 

Long stretch of powdery sand

Sunset at Paliton Beach

Where I stayed

There are a lot of resorts and inns you can stay in Siquijor and as would normally be the case, will greatly depend on your budget. I happen to see Blue Wave Inn and booked my two nights stay here. I will let the following pictures showcase how awesome you stay would be, if you choose this resort.



By the way, the room rate includes breakfast so expect to be served with Continental and Filipino dishes.

Breakfast with an amazing ocean view


I was able to make friends with fellow millennials (uuyyyy ano daw?!) – Kel, Rick, Lherry, Kat, Karl, and Dave during my stay on the resort. This bunch of young professionals are so fun to be with, full of energy and each of them has vibrant character. Too bad, I was only able to see them only for couple of hours.

The trip was truly a remarkable experience, and to me Siquijor is among the place that I feel safe and not creepy at all. Everybody is so kind and accommodating, the place is packed with extra ordinary spots to visit and activities that you would definitely enjoy. Siquijor really deserves the international attention it’s getting right now, and let me tell you – you wouldn’t want to miss traveling to this awesome island.

Special mention to Kuya Jun for being so accommodating and patient on this trip. Guys, he’s really a good tour guide and you’ll be surprised how skilled he is in taking photos. Most of the pictures here were taken by him.

Let me know if you have already visited the place and share your experience in the comment section.



  1. My husband’s from Siquijor and when I first went there I fell in love sa Siquijor Port pa lang!!!!

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