On the lookout of participating in an event which has a special meaning, I didn’t think twice signing up when my Yoga instructor, Acie, sent out a link to Pink Yoga. LuluLemon has partnered with VOX Outdoor Cinema, Zia Medical Center and The Raw Place for this free yoga session dedicated to breast cancer awareness. I usually oversleep on weekends, but not this time. This event has a special purpose for me.

Yoga for a cause

It was a beautiful cloudy weather in Dubai which rarely happens. Vox Outdoor Cinema is the perfect venue for me as it provides a cozy yet exclusive vibe for this special event. I felt a different kind of energy seeing the ladies wearing pink and white. The excitement was so high and I knew I made the right choice to attend this event.

The community coming together participating in Breast Cancer Awareness
Pink Warriors against Breast Cancer

Yoga mats placed on the ground with face towels and water bottles provided for each participant. The program lasted for almost two hours, divided into three segments – warm up, yoga poses, and meditation. Everyone did their best to participate in the flow. I was pouring my heart out in every breathe, thinking of my intention for each pose. I thought this day couldn’t be any better, as I mingled with the participants who eventually became my partners on some posses. The crowd is so lively in giving and receiving.

We are supporting the fighters. We are admiring the survivors. We are honouring the taken. And we are never, ever giving up hope.

My intention

Before the Yoga started we were asked to think of someone who we dedicate today’s session. I was teary-eyed and a bit shaky writing my mother’s name. Yes, she is a cancer survivor. Hers was a thyroid cancer stage 1. Luckily, it was detected early and she had surgery to remove her thyroid. It was her most difficult battle to win over, and I was there to support her.

This event is all about supporting the community and being aware of this disease which has caused a lot of lives to perish. Early detection is still the most feasible way to combat cancer, and there are institutions like Zia Medical Center who could help people to detect the early signs of cancer.

I really had an amazing and humbling experience to be part of this purposeful event. Once in a while, it’s good to join the community and be part of something productive yet recreational. I would definitely join these types of events in the future.

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