I bet you’ve heard (or uttered) the sentence above at some point in your life. Presumably top of the list are relationship topics, intimacy or human interaction. You thought at the beginning things will be good, will work out just fine. And then you felt… you’ve almost hit the end of the road. I know some of you can relate. But you know, this article is not about that, entirely.

You’re maybe wondering, why do I have to read this article anyway? Well, the answer lies at the end (haha!) but allow me to tell you this – this is sort of motivational article which you can relate.

Five freaking months since my last post here. A lot of things happened since that I wanted to share but then… insert a lot of crappy and run-of-the-mill excuses here. The proverbial “Life happens” is a good phrase but I will not use it on this post. Maybe on the future post :D. At this point, I will say that I got lazy. Unbecoming but yes, no other words can perfectly describe myself during those months. I even forgot why I started blogging. Then this blog cease to exist… and so I thought.

To be completely fair to myself, night after night, the thought of this blog is still there. My mind is awake, on special occasions, at around half past 10 until 3-ish in the morning. These are the moments when I contemplate about life, assess my current situation, and my future plans (or aspirations). These hours are also the times when blog topics come into life. And if you’ll have an access to my WordPress account, you will see a lot of drafts written in the wee hours of the night. I even keep a note of what I want to blog, but then things were kept like that – unpublished posts, stale ideas, and unwritten words.

Guilt kicks in and realization comes whenever I visit my site. I had put so much effort in it, why give it up now? Just because I got lazy? Why would I stopped caring for something that I have always wanted just because I’m overwhelmed with the work the comes with it? I already had the momentum, but I lost it. A big part of me is saying that it’s unacceptable. So much Hugot, right?

Life, as we know is very demanding which requires a lot of our energy and sometimes that leaves us close to nothing to fuel our passion. When we encounter obstacles, we tend to retreat and remain restless. But that should not always be the case.

We are given the will to pursue what we want to do and we should take advantage of that. Now that we have time, the momentum, and the energy to do it. We should not be limited just because we hit a roadblock. The bigger challenge we encounter, the more we should push forward. We have multiple or unlimited chances to be great once again. Motivation is good when it comes from other people, but it is even better when it comes from within.

The only question left is… are you willing to take the first step to begin again?


  1. Great post. I agree motivation is even better when it comes from within. Your purpose and passion. If you know your purpose and you are passionate about it, you will do all right and flourish in the course of time. Go Ruby 🙂

  2. This is such a great post! It’s really hard to stay motivated with anything, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just keep pushing forward 🙂

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