How to travel with your best friends? The simple yet effective way lies in these words: communicate, delegate, contribute, and of course, show up! 😀 This is the first post about the recent out of town trip I had with my best friends, otherwise known as Sisterhood of Traveling Shorts. They don’t know that name yet, but they will, after reading this post. 😀


Let me share a little trip down the memory lane on how our friendship began: we all attended the same high school. Our alma mater, NFHS, caters to a thousands of students that time. Having a mixture of classical and radical characters, graduated from primary school and slowly transitioning to adolescence; I befriended Yanie. We started as seatmate, lunch buddy, and most of the times I’m behind her during flag ceremony… all because our last name starts with letter A. I really don’t get why seating arrangements were like that, but now I am eternally grateful. Maan came into the picture a year after that, the time when we extended our network with other teenyboppers and formed a girl gang. She and I became more close after graduating college and during my working days at a BPO Company. My office building was just next to hers! Among the rest, the three of us stuck together through EVERYTHING. A long history after we graduated at school, been in different different relationships, settled down, and even living in different countries and time zones, we still communicate. Not as frequent as before, but we still do. And so, we decided to travel out of Manila, in Northern Mindanao to be exact.

But before I take you to Northern Mindanao and tell our adventures, let me go back to the purpose of this post, I’ll share how we managed to pull off this trip despite of living in different sides of the world.


This is the core of any kind of relationship, I believe. And I’m really thankful for internet because with three time zones, and with three different countries we made ways to communicate. FB, Watsapp, WeChat, Line, BBM, Skype.. you name it, we had it. We plan for this trip almost a year ahead, and picked out a part of the Philippines we wanted to visit. Yanie is the more adventurous type and wanted to do the longest zipline in the so we chose Bukidnon, Maan and I are more inclined on visiting the beach so we included Camiguin on the trip.


Once we had the province picked out, we decided who will do what. Yanie booked the plane tickets, Maan was in-charge of the accommodation, and I handled the activities and our transportation. Each of us made sure that we did what we supposed to do for this trip to happen.


This doesn’t only mean monetary value but also the effort and time we spent in planning for the trip. We laid our ideas or expressed what we want to happen, and not just rely on one person to make the decision. Although we know who earns the biggest, we didn’t let her spent much on this trip. Haha!

Show up

When we made the decision to travel out of Manila despite our personal obligations, we stood by that decision. No one even thought of backing out! What a shame if that happened. This trip was scheduled last August, when the typhoon season was at it’s peak in the Philippines but fortunately everyone showed up at the airport.

The above supplemented the strong 18 years of friendship we have. When everyone is in unison to be on a getaway, it will happen. I can say that it’s one of my highlights this year. I know it may take a while for second trip to happen, but when we decided to go for it, we will make sure it would be epic.

Do you have stories of getaways with your friends? Let me read it on the comment section.

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  1. Great post! Friendships that start in childhood, and last well into adulthood are some of the strongest bonds out there. Cheers to you three! 🙂

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