You probably have an idea of what this post is all about because the title is a give away. And as predictable as it can be, I will say… you are right. You will see several shots taken during a photo taking session happened in a park last week.

To make things a bit more personal and relatable, I will tell you why I am excited to share this post. The outfits I used here are my some of my favorite finds during DSF. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is a much awaited, month-long event here and almost all of the shops go on sale. Discounts ranges from 70% – 90%! Imagine how exciting December is, especially if you have an extra money to splurge and you want to update your wardrobe. Dubai has been the ultimate shopping destination for quite a while now and every year, tourists from other parts of the globe flew in just to shop and enjoy the good weather.

You may think I had spent a lot in these clothes, but the truth is they are on huge sale. For example, I got the black mesh top with cami for AED 30 (USD 8) and the turban for AED 10 (USD 3). There are a lot of shops where you can find good stuff from affordable to luxurious brands. The shopping experience can be quite challenging though, since you have to rummage one store after the other to find the style you are looking for with an affordable price tag.

On a personal note and this is where the cheesy part of the post comes in; I am proud of these pictures because they are the result of Marvie and I’s collaboration. He has been very supportive since I told him that I want to do a photo shoot of these outfits. He happily cooperated and in fact, directed some of the poses I did here. This was an alternative to the usual dates or dining out that we do, and it was so fun working with him. He knows my angles and how to capture my best look.

Let’s look at the snaps, shall we?

We can definitely be a fashion model in our own way. All we need to do is bring out the creativity and confidence which are always within us and take the first step in pursuing what we want to do.

Have fun taking your photos and enjoy your weekend peeps!

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