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Ruby on Camera showcases the adventures of a Filipina Expat who has been living in Dubai for more than X number of years. The entries you will read here are about author’s musings on food, travel, fitness, events and lifestyle in the sand pit. She claims not be an expert to a lot of things but she will showcase a bit of her experiences, quirky and feminine side which most of you can relate.

Ruby is a 30-ish social butterfly raised in Manila. She graduated with a degree on Bachelor of Secondary Education with Major in English. Passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers and had a year of experience in teaching High School students both in Public and Private schools in Quezon City during her college years. But, like a lot of people (ahem! millennial!?) who wanted to pursue other career after graduation, she entered the dynamic and fun culture of BPO industry. She spent 3 wonderful years on this lively industry

A wanderer and who likes to try out new ventures, she decided to pack her bags and travel to Dubai. Known for as the hottest destination for tourists and Filipino Workers, Dubai was were she had tried her luck was accommodated until now. This place served as her battle ground and where her character was shaped the most.

Her primary purpose of creating this blog is to share helpful insider tips about Dubai and showcase how a Filipina expat lives in a culturally diversified Arab country. She will take you to different culinary journeys, sneak peak on fashion trends, whole-in-the-wall places in Dubai without (hopefully) breaking the bank. She will focus as well in promoting healthy endeavors, fitness adventures that the land of dreams and glitters is to offer. She aims to provide entertainment and promote positivity to each reader of this blog and be an inspiration to aspiring bloggers. This will serve as her creative nest where her ideas, experiences,  and journey to a happy life will be presented.

Happy Reading!